The Cobbler Syndrome

As a web designer I am often embarrassed by the state of my own websites and I found out that I’m not the only one. Some of my web design friends have said that they haven’t updated their websites lately either. Lately? I haven’t updated my graphic design website since 2007. Gulp! That is terrible and I hate to admit it. My excuse, or at least what I tell myself, is that I’m so busy building other people’s sites that I don’t have time to update my own. I call it the Cobbler Syndrome: a web designer without an up-to-date website; it’s like a cobbler’s son who doesn’t have shoes.

Having a 4 year old website is akin to having a 4 year old razor; it’s dull and doesn’t do it’s job anymore, in fact it could hurt you more than help you. My KendraGraphics website advertises services that I don’t even offer anymore, such as motion graphics. My site still has some flash on it which I’ve been meaning to remove since I got my first iPhone.

When I dropped off some art cards at an art store recently the manager asked me if I have a catalog and I directed her to my KendraArt website. She said, oh good, are all your newest paintings on there? Um, no, uh, well, I haven’t had a chance to update it. Gulp! How embarrassing!

Today I was talking to my brother and his girlfriend about how blogging can help them with their search engine ranking etc and they asked me how often I blog. Gulp! I tend to blog only once a month or every few months. I want to blog more often, I just haven’t scheduled it into my time.

Maybe writing this blog post will motivate me to update my websites. Is this something that afflicts you too? Do you have areas where you help your friends or clients stay on track but you haven’t kept up with your own? Please comment if you do!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  1. Marais says:

    Hello Kendra:

    My dear, procrastination or being unable to balance time is a like a disease. Both are very widespread.

    Perhaps you could invent an imaginary choice, such as:

    “This afternoon, I have two hours to either clean the bathroom and the refrigerator OR Work on my blog and website”. And stick to it.

    I don’t mean to psychoanalyze; Here. I’m referring to commonalities of the human condition.

    By the way, are you isolated? People can feel isolated even when surrounded by others. Sometimes one has an issue they don’t feel they can discuss with anyone they trust. That’s pretty isolating and it can be paralyzing.

    Procrastination is common when one has a bit of depression, an unresolved issue arising from a trauma or money troubles.

    It’s now 2017 and the days are getting longer. I bet you’re working on your painting, a blog or your website. I hope so, as I love your work and your volunteer projects.

    Best wishes and I hope you’re still painting, M

    PS: Money troubles? In the US, (I can’t speak for Canada), people with a very upper-class income often feel they are in deep financial trouble if they can’t go to Europe for a month after spending a month at Aspen and three month-long prior trips to Europe that year. It’s like: “Oh my gosh, we have to fire the nanny and the cleaning lady or the gardener to go to Moscow for three weeks. We are in deep trouble”. They think they are in dire straits.

    Well, please forgive my commentary on the US upper-classes.

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