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Compute her dependence

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

I am totally dependent on my computer. I just realised how much I use my computer when it stopped working after a lightning storm. I have a power surge bar, but the lightning hit very close to my house and my computer wouldn’t turn back on. I was really worried about my data until my boyfriend reassured me that hard drives are usually not affected in a power surge. Whew! Then I was worried about when I’d be able to use my computer again. Especially when I realised how much I depend on it for my teaching job, my art business, emailing my friends, managing my hockey team, keeping track of my income taxes and business expenses, custom graphic design work, the websites I make, my banking, my entertainment, all my photographs, digital copies of my watercolour paintings, everything!

I am so happy because it turned out to just be the power source and it was on waranty. Hooray! It is strange but it feels wonderful to be at my computer. I was so happy to see all my data was safe and back in my hands.