Watercolour Workshop Supply List

Here is a sample supplies list:

• masking tape or painter’s tape (½” recommended)
• old tea towel
• paper towel
• watercolour palette, 12×8 or larger is best but it’s ok to start out with what you have as long as you have space to mix colours. Margarine lids, ice cream pail lids, or white yogurt lids work well for mixing paint.
• 1 sheet of 22×30 ARCHES Cold Press 140lb Watercolour Paper
• 1 set of 18 Pentel Paints or 1 small tube each of cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, Prussian blue, hooker’s green, transparent yellow such as aureolin yellow or new gamboge yellow, raw sienna or yellow ochre, burnt sienna, and a dark pink colour such as permanent rose
• 2 boards or thick card to tape your paper to
• Watercolour brushes have long bristles that come to a point when you flick a wet brush. I mainly use a ½” flat, a size 6 round brush, and a size 1 rigger/liner/script brush.
• a small utility blade / exacto knife / box cutter with a ½” / 9mm wide blade with a lock mechanism (if you can’t find this then you can use something flat and strong such as a credit card cut to a half inch width, or the flat end of a utensil)
• a clear or white tealight candle
• salt
• scissors
• pencil
• white eraser
• a water bottle to stay hydrated
• a black pen with permanent ink – optional
• sea sponge or torn pieces of a household sponge

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