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Whistler Gallery

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Mountain Painting of Blackcomb at Whistler BC by KendraArt
My dream to be in a Whistler art gallery might come true this fall!

I drove to Whistler yesterday so that I could meet with the curator of The Gallery at the Chateau Whistler. The gallery is owned by Wendy Wacko who also owns a gallery in Banff and in Jasper and is a well known artist in her own right.

Eight years ago I sold some art cards to Wendy at her gallery in Jasper. When I came to see if she would like to reorder she said that I have a lot of potential but that I had some work to do as an artist and I needed to explore my artistic expression.

I approached her again this spring and showed her all the work I had done. I sent her an email with a photo of the paintings I sold her eight years ago and then another image of my more recent paintings.

Here are the art cards Wendy bought in 2002 for the Mountain Gallery at Jasper Park Lodge:
2001 watercolour paintings Kendra Smith Here is some of my work from this past year:
2008 paintings Kendra Smith
Wendy called me that evening and said she was very proud of me and that I had done a lot of hard work. She said she would like to take me under her wing and nurture me as an artist. I was thrilled when she invited me to her studio in the spring, but unfortunately she had to cancel since she was so busy. I was hoping to see her this fall; however, she is currently painting a commission for sixty original paintings!

I am happy that I was able to go to Whistler and show Mike Warren my paintings. He liked my bright paintings the best; the ones with punch. He took 10 originals and he is going to show them to Wendy for approval. If she accepts my work into her gallery you may see some of my watercolours hanging in the her Chateau Whistler gallery by the end of October.

Here is one of the originals that the gallery is taking for consideration:
Painting of Whistler ~ Black Tusk Tempest ~ by Kendra Smith
PS They took my biggest watercolour painting too!
(see photo next post)

My biggest watercolour painting

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

This is my first full sheet watercolour painting 22×30 inches.
Canadian artist Kendra Smith and her largest watercolour painting of Whistler Mountains. My biggest painting is of the mountain peaks in Whistler, BC.
KendraArt watercolour painting of Whistler Mountains by Canadian artist Kendra Smith
Below is another painting of Whistler mountains that I did this summer. It is a half sheet 15×22.
KendraArt watercolour painting of Whistler Mountains by Canadian artist Kendra Smith
I am really excited to be making the leap to painting larger paintings. It was my goal this summer to explore my art and to push myself out of my comfort zone. I am very happy with the results, and the best part is that I wasn’t at all uncomfortable. It was fun and I’m looking forward to painting more big watercolours.