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Renderings for Log Home Company

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Pioneer Log Homes has contracted me to create the backgrounds and landscaping for their log home rendering. The images I create will go on their website to show perspective buyers what their designs look like in situ. The contract is a lot of fun because it is a blend of technical and creative which I love.

An example of a design they gave me:
This is what I did with it:

Here is the photo I used for the background:

Cutting and pasting images sounds easy, but this process is a lot more time consuming than you might think. It involves cutting around branches and leaves pixel by pixel:

As well as creating the background, I put objects in the foreground so the house looks like it is part of the landscape, such as the trees I added on the left. I colour corrected them to match the overall hues of the picture. I then add human touches like flowerbeds to make it more homey and reflections in the windows to show the sky and surrounding landscape.

Finally I add texture to the ends of the logs to make them more realistic. On the left is the before picture. In the middle is a version I use if the house is farther away and the one on the right is what I do if the house is closer up and I need more detail:
My renderings will be uploaded to their new website which they are launching in September. They will add more as they are completed.

Street Scene Paintings of Cafes in Whistler

Friday, August 21st, 2009
La Bocca Cafe in Whistler Village
La Bocca Cafe in Whistler Village Painting
Painting in Progress of La Brasserie In Whistler
Painting La Brasserie Pub in Whistler
Finished painting of La Brasserie

Paintings from Trip to Whistler

Thursday, August 20th, 2009
Whistler Blackcomb Peak to Peak Gondola
Whistler Peak to Peak Gondola painting
Whistler Peak Express
Watercolour painting of Whistler Peak Express by Kendra Smith
Franz’s Chair Whistler Mountain
Painting of Franz's Chair at Whistler Mountain

Here are some of the results from my recent painting trip. I was invited by Mountain Galleries to be their artist in residence for a week in Whistler, BC. While there I took two trips up the gondola. One day was sunny and the next completely socked in, as you can see by the painting I did of the Peak to Peak gondola.