Artists for Japan has a New Home!

Artists for Japan

Artists for Japan has a new home! It is transitioning from a facebook group to a facebook fan page. This is great news. It means that the page will be public, anyone with a facebook account can ‘like’ and follow the page, and it is more manageable for the admins.

Artists for Japan was an inspired idea by artists Carrie Harper and Tomoe Afseth to allow artists to come together in a combined effort to raise money for the Japan Earthquake/Asia-Pacific Tsunami relief efforts of the Red Cross.

The first auction was only 10 days long and it raised almost $4000! The second auction has just started and it goes until May 2nd.

Hopefully we can raise just as much or even more money towards this very worthy cause. One thing is for sure, all of the money will be well received and put to good use as it will take years to rebuild the affected areas.

We are looking for artists, bidders and onlookers who want to be inspired.

I think it was Carrie who said we are putting the ‘art in heART’.

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2 Responses to “Artists for Japan has a New Home!”

  1. well said Kendra, thanks for being one of the brains behind the whole thing. Couldn’t do it without your technical know how. I hope we can blow the doors off this idea. Art is at the center of our heART. Japan is going to need support for a long time and we artists need to show them that we’re not going away.

    • Kendra says:

      Thanks Carrie, it’s a wonderful idea and even more impressive is that you took it under your wing without a second thought. I really admire that you just went for it. The first auction was amazing and you could have left it at that, but to keep going shows more heart than you know. Thank you for all that you have been doing.

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