Faith and Persistence

The chapter on persistence in Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” really strikes a cord with me. Hill defines persistence as “the sustained effort necessary to induce faith”.

In week two of my ten week action course we learned that the key to success is persistence. Hill writes that you must have a crystal clear picture of what you want and a plan to achieve it. Focus on creating a timeline and acting on your plan with persistence.

It is okay to have a plan that changes over time. Plans can be flexible and molded but they must be made. A plan without a timeline may never get done at all. Our instructor inspires us: “Do all that you can do, not as little as you can do. Create and follow a habit of persistence and you will win in ways you never dreamed possible!”

Hill aknowledges that most people are ready to “give up at the first sign of opposition or misfortune. A few carry on despite all opposition, until they attain their goal.” It’s so true. Where many have equal opportunity it is those who persevere who attain their desires.

We have all heard the expression “get back on the horse” but do we really understand and apply it in our own lives? My friend and fashion designer Kim Cathers says: “I think life is all about being torn down and broken down and then building it back up again. And what you have in the end will be bigger and stronger than what you ever had before.” That is huge.

Life can throw you down and sometimes it seems like it would be easier not to get up. It is hard to do anything when you are not feeling motivated. My uncle always said though that action comes first and then motivation. You see, motivation comes FROM action. Through analyzing thousands of people Hill “discovered that most ideas are stillborn, and need the breath of life injected into them through definite plans of immediate action.”

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  1. Daina Deblette Scarola says:

    Kendra, this article rings so true on many levels. All self-help gurus say the same thing too. In the past week I had an April gallery exhibit I was preparing for and really looking forward to. Then she withdrew my contract and rejected because last years' work was too similar to another artist she represented. I felt crushed, angry, depressed. It could have been a big break for me. That night I wallowed in my misery and went to bed early with a book. The next day I peeled my self off the pavement. That night I released my negative energy by doing what feels good- painting. I felt so much better! I wanted to email my latest and best painting to the gallery and say 'eat that!' but I didn't ;) Then today I received an even better offer- a permanent 14'x5' display space in a brand new medical center art corridor where 19 doctors will practice and a 30/70 commission split! I think this will be a much better deal with much more exposure. So there you have it, the message being 'get back on that horse', imagine success, and good things will come…
    Btw, love your beautiful writing and especially your striking watercolours!

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