Follow Your Heart

I was a feature artist at Art Walk this weekend at Sun Peaks. Just before 2:00 we got word that the final count was 33 tickets sold so there would be two groups. Peter Ernst started preparing the food tasting at Bella Italia. We were lucky that we weren’t the first restaurant on the tour because our wine rep was hosting a seminar until 2:30. Shortly after he arrived our first tour group walked in. The tour guide introduced me and I gave a short presentation.

I told everyone that I lived at Sun Peaks for two winters 12 years ago. I said I think I would have been voted least likely in my highschool to become a snowboard bum. I was told I could be anything I wanted to be, but I just knew that the perfect career was out there for me somewhere and I just didn’t know what it was yet. I felt like one day it would appear to fall into my lap, but no one would see all the little steps that took me there in my life. Sometime you can follow a path in life to your dream even if you are not sure what your goal is. As long as you follow your heart you will be going in the right direction.

At that time my roommates and I couldn’t afford art for our walls, so we decided to paint our own. My first painting was of a snowboarder jumping off a cliff. I even made ten small postcards and sold a few of them for $5.00 each at what used to be Bags Chocolates in the Village.

After I moved away from Sun Peaks I took a watercolour lesson and I was instantly hooked. I love painting. I feel so grateful to be leading such a creative lifestyle. When you have a passion you will never be bored, you will never be lonely. It is a great way to live.

I answered several questions and then the wine rep presented the wines for the wine tasting and food pairing as the Italian pasta was served.

Bella Italia provided me with a delicious dinner that night and Sun Peaks Tourism and Sun Peaks Lodge paid for my hotel room. This made my day. I really appreciated being taken care of like that. I have been painting for ten years and this is like a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to be a guest speaker. To have my accomodation taken care of was such a treat. Thank you Bella Italia, Sun Peaks Tourism and Sun Peaks Lodge! A big thanks too to Tree Line Studios who organised the Art Walk event and hosted us on Sunday in front of the gallery.

Follow your heart and your dreams can come true too.

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