function versus fashion…

I am designing the portfolio pages for my website and I need to decide how to arrange the layout. There are so many different ways to present a portfolio page; some are fashionable and some are functional. Personally, I prefer function over fashion, but I want my site to look good too.

When you visit portfolio websites, what kind of layout do you prefer? Do you like big or little thumbnails? Do you like slideshow style views or do you prefer to see everything at once? Do you like it when a detailed image opens in a new window or in the same window? These are the kinds of questions I have been asking myself.

So far I have come up with a few different designs. Now all I need to do is narrow it down. Here are some rough drafts of layouts I could use…

layout 1
layout 2
layout 3

layout 4

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So, I’m putting the question to you. If you could control the layout of a portfolio page, what would be your must haves? What are your pet peeves? I would love to get some feedback from you on what you would like to see in a portfolio website.

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3 Responses to “function versus fashion…”

  1. Claire says:

    I like the one at the top best. Functional and good looking.

  2. Kendra Smith says:

    Claire! You are the first person to comment on my blog! Thanks for your message! :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I liked second one so I could easily see other parts of your portfolio.
    Shanna Narath

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