Laying the Foundation for the Future

For many artists, designers and art galleries, sales may be down this year. Even though the sales aren’t as high, many people are still looking and this is what we have to take heart in. Many of the orders that I got this November were from people who had been to one of my art shows from FIVE years ago! In these slow times we must remember that we are laying the foundation for our future.

When I lived in Fernie, BC I noticed that the whole town’s mood was dependant on the weather. When it was summer and sunny everyone was happy. When it was winter and snowing everyone was happy. Those were the busy times. Those were the days when people were making money. At all other times of the year and in bad weather, the whole town seemed to sink into a mini depression. It was a very interesting experience.

A phenomenol thing happened to me during these slow times: I would buckle down and get to work. Hooray! Finally some down time when I could paint and produce! Refill the shelves, stock the galleries, build up my inventory. For me it was a big relief to have the off season. I was never bored. It is such a blessing to have a passion and to live such a creative lifestyle.

So for those of you who are feeling these hard times, relish in the fact that these are the days for you to go to work. Creativity is good for the soul. Laying the foundation is good for your future.

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