Manifesting Goals

This week I experienced firsthand the power of saying goals out loud. When you say a goal out loud the Universe immediately begins to conspire to bring that goal to life. For example, last week I said that I was going to try and drum up some graphic design work and I made a plan to call one of my old clients the next day. When I sat down at my computer in the morning there was an email in my inbox from that exact client and I hadn’t even called him yet!

Did my saying it out loud make it happen? I don’t know, but I love the idea that it could have. I’m tempted to believe it did. There’s more. That very afternoon my lifecoach introduced me to one of her friends who needs some graphic design work done on her website!

I did not even seek this out! All I did was say out loud that I wanted to do more graphic design work, and ta da! the Universe hands me 2 clients the very next day!

This gets even better… last night my studio partner and I said that we want to expand our territory and then today I met for coffee with one of my friends that I graduated with a few years ago and she is opening her own gallery! She invited my studio partner and I to be two of the artists in her gallery Wine Valley Accents!

Wine Valley Accents

If all of this can happen just from saying my goals out loud, imagine what will happen when I start to write them down.

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