New Paintings on the Way

I love spending time in my art studio. It is away from home and I can paint without distractions. Sometimes I get into a zone and the time just goes by without me realising it. There are two huge windows in my art studio and we only get direct light in the early morning so it is perfect for painting.

I really find that the more I paint the more I get on a roll. If I only have a few hours to go to my studio I barely get set up. When I am able to paint for several days in a row then I can complete my paintings while I’m still on the same thread of creativity.

My favourite way to paint watercolours is three at a time. I paint the background of one painting and then set it aside to let it dry. I paint the sky of another painting and toss it on the floor while I start a third. By this time the first painting is dry and I can go back to work on it. Sometimes I work on three similar scenes but most often they are three different paintings all together.

Right now I am painting a landscape of snow ghosts (trees caked in white snow against a blue sky), a picture of a skier hiking and a painting of the mountain peaks in Whistler, BC. I can’t wait to have another studio day so that I can work on them some more.

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