Painting in the Park

When I lived in Fernie, BC, my friends and I used to have painting parties together. Basically that just meant that we would get together and paint for fun. Last Friday when I was in Whistler, my friend Keya was visiting me from Fernie and we kept up our tradition by having a little painting party in the park. Here we are painting canvases by Alta Lake in Whistler, BC:

Kendra Smith and Keya White Painting in the Park

It is so fun to paint with a friend. I love it.

Here are the little paintings we did:

8x8 Acrylic Paintings by Kendra Smith and Keya White

On September 10th these paintings will be raffled off at a fundraiser for the Whistler Arts Council in support of the Whistler on the Lake Art Workshops program. You can see more of Keya White’s paintings at

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  1. Leonardo says:

    It’s always nice to paint outside

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